About Igbo Kwenu

About Igbo Kwenu

Learning About Igbo Kwenu

the Igbo Kwenu Mission

Igbo Kwenu is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2019 to celebrate the Igbo culture and language among Igbo people living in Connecticut. We are particularly focused on educating school-age Igbo children and young adults who do not speak Igbo and have little knowledge of Igbo history and traditions. Igbo Kwenu provides Igbo families with opportunities to come together and celebrate the things that make us special among African-American people.

Igbo Kwenu was founded by Dr. Nkemakonam and Mrs. Ngozi Ikekpeazu.

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Igbo Kwenu is led by:

Dr NkemIkekpeazu Igbo Kwenu

Dr. Nkem Ikekpeazu

Dr Chioma Odukwe Enu Igbo Kwenu

Dr. Chioma Odukwe Enu

Dr Chinyelu Oraedu Igbo Kwenu

Dr. Chinyelu Oraedu
Educational Coordinator

About Nonye Onyia Igbo Kwenu

Nonye Onyia
Financial Secretary

About Helen Ifenyinwa Anaedo Igbo Kwenu

Helen Ifenyinwa Anaedo Cultural coordinator

About Igbo Kwenu Teacher

Pastor Mrs Nkechi Chinedum Uwaga
Igbo Kwenu School Teacher

Dr. Uchenna Nwachuku